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I'm Here, Now What?

I finally did it! I started a blog…my own blog. Months…okay, actually years went into building up the courage, researching how it’s done, talking myself into it, out of it, into it again…reading books, websites, blogs (haha), watching YouTube videos…even polling my friends on Facebook!! The hardest part was coming up with a name. I thought long and hard about the name. I asked myself many questions; I asked other friends, family, and even strangers many questions, and it all came down to the fact that I talk. I talk a lot. Seriously, whether it is on the phone for hours at a time, to the person next to me in aisle 6 at the grocery store, my son’s friend’s parent(s), or my friends, neighbors, family – heck, I will talk it up with your neighbors and friends…I talk. all. the. time.

The one thing I hear the most from people I talk to is that they miss our chats. They tell me they would like to get together and chat, or that they feel like they need to chat with me soon! I will admit that I do a lot of the talking…but people enjoy getting together with me and listening to me chat away! So I knew the name of my blog would have to say something about chatting…once I figured out the name, I knew exactly what I would do. What’s that, you ask? Well, I am going to spend my time chatting it up about life.

What could I possibly talk about for the lifetime of a blog? Well, quite honestly, I want to share my life journey - from my perspective. The “inside” scoop. A walk in my shoes; a view through my eyes. You will read about life lessons I have learned (mostly the hard way), hear advice, and learn about heartache, sorrow, and joy all at the same time. Some of the content may shock you, be hard to read, be sad, happy, emotional, funny and even thoughtful…who knows, you may even learn something…some of what I’ll share you may already know (because like me, along the way, life has taught you a lesson or two), either way, I invite you to follow along. Just in case you are wondering why I think I should share my life…what makes me so special…it's quite simple really - I have been fighting battles my entire life. I have so much to say and I know that there are people out there who need to hear my stories – the battles, the victories, the ups, the downs, the how’s, the why’s…people who need

to hear the good , the bad, the funny, the sad, and every single emotion in between.

So, I welcome you to my “chat” room. I encourage you to chat with me. If you relate to what I’ve written, share your story…have a question, ask away! Do you have something on your mind, perhaps weighing on your heart…let’s chat about it…if what I write about is something you have overcome, let me know by sharing your why and how! I share. You share. We all share. Sharing life experiences with others is important. Sometimes you just need to talk about life. Not to get sympathy, or to get help, or to point out faults of others, but simply to get it out. I believe that a person can handle life…they can tell others they are “doing great” and continue going through the motions every day, but to share all the ups and downs along the way can free you in a different way. Allowing the

struggle, the fears, the doubts, the joys, the laughs, the mistakes, the thoughts (the ones you make a point to keep to yourself) – allowing all of it to hit the air kills the power it has over you. Believe it or not, keeping it in - not letting it out - it can hold you back in life.

I know that I can provide strength, courage, insight, different (new) perspective and advice, but most of all, Hope. My goal is to inspire people, brighten their lives even if it is for just a brief moment. If only one person in the world were to say, “You kept me going, because of you, I never gave up.” That…that alone would make it all worth it.

Comment below with something you have wanted to do, but are still working up the courage to get started. If you are not ready to share publicly, you can connect with me by clicking on the contact link above. Thank you so much for stopping by. I better get to going because I could go on forever. But hey, no worries, we will chat real soon!

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