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Life gets Stormy

This picture was taken on our way back from Florida - we had a warning that the road ahead was stormy. Sometimes in life, storms are not so obvious. You can be heading into a storm without even knowing up.

It's funny how, once you set out to do something, everything can start falling apart. I was on a mission to share my story and drove right into the fact, I was under attack. I stepped out in faith to follow my heart in what I know God had instructed (led) me to do, only to be faced with ridicule, self-doubt, embarrassment and self-pity. Once again I allowed the Devil to hinder my progress by listening to people, and to thoughts that were being construed as my own...but they were not mine. They were tactics of the Devil to shut me up - to discourage me; to make me feel not worthy. I questioned myself, who am I that people will want to hear what I have to say. They don't want to hear my sad, long stories about life and what can happen...heck people know how hard life can be. They don't need me spelling it out for them! ...and you know what?!?! He accomplished what he sat out to do. Almost 8 months ago, I typed out my first blog entry. I was ready! Ready to launch into a new and exciting world of "virtual" conversations. I had so much to talk about and to share. I made notes throughout the day thinking, 'that would make a good short story!

My mental clarity was interrupted with, well...with LIFE. The Devil really tried to move in and attack me with what he thought would STOP me in my tracks. He unleashed all hell to try and stop me from sharing my story, my testimony: the Devil doesn't want me sharing the Love, Mercy and Grace God provides day in and day out. So, when I still believed in myself, and the Devil saw I was going to keep on talking to world, he attacked my health. I became ill, started having unexplained pains and problems - doctors couldn't even figure it out - then I recognized the attack I was under and I stood up against it. Then he tried to hit me with failing as a parent...facing everyday challenges with a teenager, the Devil began dragging up the parenting mistakes I had made in my past (using my son to remind me), not to mention the loss of Isaac, as if those things were skeletons in my closet...bouncing back from that blow took a few extra steps, but once I became steady on my feet, he attacked our finances. We battled past creditors, the total loss of our truck (Brad and Caleb were not hurt in the wreck), accusing each other of bad spending habits, getting turned down when trying to purchase a replacement vehicle...and Just when we came into agreement with that nonsense, we showed the Devil we weren't going to allow fear to control our budget. So you know what? He attached our marriage! Yep, strife entered our lives like an old, lost friend. Don't you dare think it was confined to our little house on the end of Brock Road...the Devil went after my job. My character, my confidence in the company, my work ethic and the promotion I received - totally out of the blue I might add - but nonetheless, NOTHING was off limits to the Devil!

There are times when, looking back at the storm, I have wondered ' How did we make it through that?'

People say, "when it rains, it pours." Let me tell you, our lives were over saturated with the Devil's lies, and our world began to flood! Around mid-October, I threw myself a pity party. I had just turned 40, and I was focusing on everything we were going through, and everything I had already been through in life. Boy, my life has been Stormy!!

I once heard someone say, "The size of your storm is an indication of the significance of your life." WOW - the Devil must really fear me!! He tried to grab me by the hand when I was young, then attempted to separate me from my family. He sent abuse, divorce and pain (lots of pain). He took people away from me, hit me with depression, another divorce...he led me down a path where I faced alcoholism and death...I realized that I had survived the storms and rebuilt my life over, and over and over again. I am STILL STANDING. There is something about looking back at a storm and knowing that Jesus is on your side. If GOD be for me, who can be against me!?! My Father (God) is a carpenter - I've been in construction all my life - building & rebuilding; tearing down & rebuilding again and again and again. The Devil can huff and puff all he wants but I know what I am made of! He ain't blowing nothing down!! My life was built on a foundation that can withstand every single storm that comes my way! I may stray from the "construction site" a time or two, but that's okay, God is still working (building) in me! I am the daughter of the King and you can't keep me quiet for long!

Look around at what is happening in your life right now. If you look hard enough, you will notice the "clouds" the "wind" the "dark skies" - the News may give you a storm warning - and the storm warning may provide you with time to prepare for what is coming, there's a still, small voice that will warn you of what lies ahead and prayer will shelter you from the storms of life. Are you facing a storm right now? Did you just come out of the other side wondering how you made it through? I would love to hear from you. Share your stories below in the comments, or you can email me directly (my contact info is here). Each entry I share on here has one goal - to provide someone with hope. To encourage people and show them, that even when you face the worst storms, you too can rebuild, becoming stronger and stronger after each storm.

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